Meet Andrew Mockett

The following story exemplifies the power of football (and sports in general) to bring people from all over the world together.  PCFC is incredibly lucky to have Andrew Mockett join our coaching staff. With nearly 30 years of coaching experience he brings the knowledge and professionalism that many clubs desperately desire but typically requires a significant amount of money to retain such a qualified coach. As a result that cost lands squarely on the backs of the families within the club. But Andy is volunteering his time because he has personally experienced the value that football has provided to him and he wants to give back. This is what makes PCFC so successful at providing high quality, affordable football. We believe in the power of the beautiful game to break down and break through the walls that prevent so many from playing at a high level. 

- Kaig Lightner, Founder and Director 

My main goal is to give these kids the chance to be a part of a team, to work together and improve along the way.
— Andrew Mockett
 Andrew Mockett co-coaches the U18 co-ed team with  Betty Lochner.  

Andrew Mockett co-coaches the U18 co-ed team with Betty Lochner. 

Connection to a community, a simple source of joy, a new challenge—soccer means something different to everyone. For Portland Community Football Club (PCFC) coach Andrew Mockett it means hope. Or as he wryly puts it, “Hope, passion, disappointment, frustration, then the hope again.”


Andrew’s seen some of each in his journey with the game, which began as a schoolboy in Essex England where conditions were... informal. “We never practiced, showed up to the away games in 2 or 3 cars, and often got lost. Even for the first team, there were only 11 jerseys, so the sub would swap shirts with the departing teammate as they came off the field.”


Andrew was was hooked by that early taste of the game though, and Essex backroads eventually became a stint with West Ham United’s Under-16s and then a playing scholarship across the pond at California State University Bakersfield. It was in the United States that Andrew began coaching high school and club teams, first in Bakersfield and then in Portland when he moved here with his family in 2008.


A lifelong fan of the English Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur, Andrew was back in England attending a match at Wembley Stadium when they showed Portland Spurs, the official Portland supporters club, on the big screen. After the game he looked the group up, saw that they were fundraising for PCFC, and soon made the connection to start volunteering for PCFC as a coach.


From England to Bakersfield to Portland, Andrew aims to share the joy he’s found in the global game with PCFC players: “My main goals is to give these kids the chance to be a part of a team, to work together and improve along the way. If they are enjoying themselves and learning, then I think I’ve done my job.”

Written by: Jared Christenson, Tottenham Hotspur PDX Supporter