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About the travel level program

This level is for the most advanced players  who are 11 - 18 years old and have a strong mastery of basic skills plus a high work ethic and strong mentality in order to play at a higher level. This level requires travel around the state and out of state for tournaments.

We require the highest level of commitment from both the player and the family. It is expected that the player attend all scheduled practices and games. It is also required that the player puts in 45 minutes of additional training on their own outside of practice at least 3 times a week.  This level of play also requires a higher fee paid to PCFC because the cost of participating at state level games and tournaments costs PCFC more money. As always our goal is to keep participation at ALL levels affordable and accessible, so we will work with your family if assistance is needed.

We have secured a sponsor for this specific level of play which has allowed us to provide free, high quality uniforms, free player card fees and a discount on team backpacks. It is important that players on this team treat their uniform and gear with even more respect as they are representing our club on a statewide and professional level.

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Winter Practice

Mondays 5:30-7:00pm
@ Montavilla Community Center - 8219 NE Glisan St.

  • Season Fees: These fees include a uniform, league fee and team backpack. Please let us know if your child needs cleats or shinguards.

    • $80 per player

    • $65 per player - 2 or more siblings

    • $40 per player- Low Income Discount

  • Not included:

    • Tournament fees (average $50/player)

  • Tournament Costs:

    • Hotel fees - PCFC makes an effort to contribute 25- 50% of hotel room costs

    • Meal costs - PCFC provides a $200 stipend to the team manager to help with food costs

    • Travel costs - The coverage of these costs depends on fundraising efforts prior to the tournament

 This program is in part sponsored by: Tottenham Hotspurs PDX Supporters Club

This program is in part sponsored by: Tottenham Hotspurs PDX Supporters Club